a void that thinks

even if it is

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talk about privilege like it’s a sport
i’m in my twenties, too - with less to report
the music is cool but the message is shit
inflated sense of where you fit

position of injury, me me me
you were offended before you left the house
i hope you learn something
from someone with a different point of view

ingenue, they’re into you
go on and shove your silly rules down my throat
cause every joke is bad for the world

anyone who’s right all the time is not

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Bravado Cache

Last night I wrote the first of three songs for the EP.  not using any old ideas, all new material.

"Bravado Cache"

i am prostrate
my hand is on a hotplate
the walls are for climbing

you’re still there
dark and scary down stairs
drop dead fred marathon tonight

down deep, scrape cloth
oh no, not the free and easy play
brain clock’s way off
all i got is bravado cache

stick to my igloo
make it work
find some dirt to toss on your shoulder

my favorite baseball players are blind newborn puppies
all my dogs compared to cats are high strung & lucky
all my interests became fringe in the wake of the 50s revival
see you at the junior macarena recital

"b&e", made off
with god, now these ideas will hold sway
brain clock’s way off
all i got is bravado cache

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this is the treatment plan dr steve brule prescribed me:

cut out the drugs you’ve been smoking for 13 years

do honest work/sweat

lose tits/pregnant stomach

nurture friendships

play in a real band instead of sitting behind a computer like a total chode

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